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5 Biggest Wedding Suit Trends For 2019

Tweed Tweed suits are a hugely popular look for 2019. Not only for winter weddings either, there are lots of lightweight Tweed look suits available in many different colours and styles to fit in with your wedding theme. We find that having the Groom in a full tweed outfit and the rest of the Groomsmen in a blue or grey lounge suit with the same tweed waistcoat underneath really brings the wedding party together, whilst making the Groom stand out - perfect for any rustic themed wedding!

Classic Dinner Suit Classic Dinner suits aren’t just for fancy parties anymore! If you want to go for something classic and traditional without wearing a tail jacket, this is the perfect look! We have incredible velvet Dinner Jackets in Black, Navy and Wine which will make any Groom feel special. The look is finished off with a gorgeous dress shirt and bow tie, classic.

Traditional Morning Tail Coat This look has definitely been influenced by the Royal Wedding of 2018. This is the most traditional of all the looks, yet will never go out of style. You can pair a Black or Charcoal grey Tail coat with striped trousers and a double breasted waistcoat for weddings all year round! This look is finished off with any colour tie to match your wedding theme and don’t be scared to add all the accessories including tie clips and a pocket watch!

Contrasting waistcoats No matter what suit you decide upon, having a contrasting waistcoat really adds something special. This could be a classic slim fit blue lounge suit with a light grey check waistcoat to brighten your outfit and make you stand out a mile. This will also keep your outfit fresh once you have taken off your jacket for the evening. There are also many different styles for the waistcoat, this could be your standard 5 or 6 button waistcoat, bow front or double breasted.

Accessories It’s not all about the suit, the eye is in the detail! You can finish any of the above looks off with your accessories. Whether it be bow ties and cravats, tie pins and pocket watches or Brown Tweed Brogues. These are the details which the photographer will pick up on your wedding photo’s. 

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Jun 29, 2019

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